Parenting Tips to Help You Be a Better Parent

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 If you have kids I bet you want to be a better parent. I know I am not perfect and could be a better parent This post is a How to post but the subject is so personal that I want to be clear I’m not saying this is the only way to be a good mom. These are just what I feel are universal traits to being a good parent. Parenting is so personal and so much depends on your child and what will work for them, it depends on your beliefs and what’s important to you. These are ten parenting tips that I believe in that have made me be a better parent. 

1 Let them discover who they are, even if it’s not what you expected them to be like. My daughter is so different from both her dad and me but it’s interesting to watch her become her.

2. Don’t feel the need to be perfect. Be the best parent you can but realize no parent is perfect. They all make mistakes and just do their best.

3. Don’t compare yourself to other parents. Just because something works for another mom or another kid doesn’t mean it’s right for you. All kids are different and all families are unique.

4.Love your kids, above all else that is the most important thing. They need to know they are loved.

5. Accept them for them and don’t try to change who they are. I’m not saying you shouldn’t encourage them to grow and learn new things because you should but if they are shy then accept that about them and don’t try to force them to be super social butterflies.

6. Accept who you are as well. I’m not a super crafty mom. That’s just not me. My daughter likes crafts and I will do my best but there are other things I’m better at that we can do together. There are other people in her life that she can do crafts with who can teach her things I can’t

7. Remember everything is a phase and will eventually pass. So when you have a crying baby, potty training, terrible 2’s or 3’s try to remember it will pass and they will outgrow it soon.

8. Appreciate every moment they go by so fast and you’ll wish you had taken the time to be grateful for them.

9. Spend quality time with your child that is so important they want to know you care about them and spending quality time together shows them they are important.

10. Don’t listen to other people’s opinions on what you are doing wrong as long as you are doing your best then that is what matters. Just do the best you can and ignore people who try to make you feel like you could be doing better.