Give Your Kid Fun and Responsibilities in the Summer

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Before we head into the new school year in a couple months I wanted to share with you how to give your kid fun and responsibilities in the summer. In all areas of my life, I’m a big believer in balance. That includes my parenting style as well. I want my daughter to have fun this summer but also make the time for other important things. 

I have found that it’s best to have a plan on how to give your kid both fun and responsibilities in the summer. At least a general idea of what you want to accomplish and what is important to your family. I like to make sure that she gets reading done, does her chores and that there is time for family as well as just fun.

To do this I let her go to the park, watch TV or go swimming. Whatever fun activity she’s doing but then I put an end to it and I say it’s time to read for 30 minutes. I don’t want her to get out of the habit of reading during the summer. It makes the transition back to going to school and doing homework much harder if she doesn’t make time for reading in the summer. 

Even though summer is typically more laid back and especially this summer with us having just moved we didn’t have routines in place before summer. I think that having some routines set up during the summer helps things go smoother. It will make it easier to give your kid fun and responsibilities in the summer with routines. In my home, it means that in the morning before she can play Bella needs to take care of her pet chores and tidy up her room. Then in the evenings, she has to shower and take care of other responsibilities. 

With no school in the summer, there is plenty of time for both fun and responsibilities. It’s just a matter of making sure that there is balance and that your child understands that in order to have fun they still need to get other things accomplished.