Put An End To Cyberbullying

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I enjoy the Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweet’s segments on his show. I have never sent anyone a mean tweet and find it ridiculous the tweets these famous people receive from the public. I guess I just don’t understand the need to say hurtful or just mean and rude things to people in general. There just seems to be no point but it happens a lot, and I was impressed with a video made by the Canadian Safe School Network and the John St. advertising agency. They created this video modeled after Jimmy Kimmel’s but instead of celebrities and famous people they used real teens reading tweets they’ve received.

What a truly powerful video and an important message. We live in an age of cyberbullying. There is no stopping it now, and we have to accept that it exists and take a stand against it and I think this video does just that. The reason that the clips of celebrities reading tweets are funny is that they are adults and have the confidence and are more capable of just ignoring and avoiding the cruel things said about them. While it may hurt or sting for these celebrities to see these things it doesn’t have the same negative impact that it does on teens and tweens. 

“We wanted to use the ‘Mean Tweets’ model because, in a way, those videos give the message that cyber bullying is ok – even funny,” said Stu Auty, President of the Canadian Safe School Network. “But adult celebrities have the maturity and confidence to overcome these hurtful words. Children don’t. For regular kids, words can cut like a knife. Cyber-bullying is an epidemic that invades their lives and leaves many feeling like there’s no way out.”

That is a huge difference is someone says something about a celebrity online the truth is they never will probably ever see that person, and they can put it out of their minds. These teens and the millions out there like them are not being bullied only by anonymous strangers these are their peers, kids they are forced to go to school with. That is what is scary. That poor girl at the end probably feels like no one does like her and is being told to kill herself and sadly many teens then do kill themselves.

Us as adults and parents need to do all we can to monitor online bullying and be as aware as possible of what is going on with our kids on the internet. It’s a matter of life and death in many cases so it needs to be addressed. So do your best job as a parent or someone who has nieces or nephews or other kids that you’re close to and stay aware of what’s going on. I’m always going to try to stay as aware of what is going on in my kid’s lives to prevent them being bullied in this matter. We need to take a stand and keep raising awareness. How many more kids need to suffer and die? Find out more information about what you can do to deal with cyberbullying at Kidsinthehouse.

It’s not just kids and teens that deal with cyberbullying. It happens every day on social media and blogs. That’s why I have a zero tolerance policy for bullying of any type on my site or any social channels. I will delete any comments or negativity right away. Unless criticism is helpful and done politely, it has no place being a part of my brand. I’m an adult, and I can take it but I shouldn’t have to and I won’t. Have you had to deal with bullying online before?

Taking more time to be aware of what our children are doing online is the first step to put an end to cyberbullying. We need to know if our kids are being bullied or maybe are the bully. Then from there making sure to help your child who os being bullied online deal with it appropriately.  If your child is the bully you need to get them the help they need as well. Bullying usually comes from a place of pain. 

Just like with my blog I will have zero tolerance for bullying in my home or by my child. There will be consequences and repercussions for being a bully. If we all do our part put an end to cyberbullying then we can start to make a difference in the lives of this and future generations of kids.